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by Hannelie Laubscher

1 November, 2019

I chose the name Eau de Pooch as we all can relate to our own Eau de Perfume’s that we own and I wanted our pooches to feel as glamorous and luxurious with their own natural “perfume” as we do when we indulge ourselves in our choice of luxury brand perfumes.

I wanted to create a brand that is ALL NATURAL and of the highest quality raw plant-based materials which does not contain harmful essential oils and chemicals; that are environmentally friendly and safe to use on and around my pooches (Klara, Olive and Bob).  I carefully selected each ingredient keeping in mind the benefits these ingredients will have for my pooches. It is the first luxury all-natural lifestyle brand for your pooch that is truly made in South Africa and I am so excited and proud to be able to share this with you, as I truly believe in my products.

During the research for the highest quality raw plant-based materials, it was clear I had to consider the fact that I also have 2 feline family members (Lilo and Truffles) and had to make sure the ingredients are safe to be used around them.  This was a daunting task seeing that certain Essential Oils that are safe for our pooches can be toxic to use around feline’s.  Remember not all Essential Oils are safe for your pooch. I had to ensure that I use only the safest ingredients in line with the benefits, these raw plant-based materials have to offer.  Therefore, I partnered with a Biochemist and Aromatherapist to ensure that all my products will have the highest standards and highest safety measures in place, when creating Eau de Pooch products.

The other key factor which I considered when I started the brand was the packaging.  I wanted the packaging to be different from the rest and to be countertop worthy.  I went for the minimalistic black and added the touch of gold to create the status of luxury.

My pooches are my children and I only want the best for them as with my own child and therefore I created this unique and exclusive lifestyle range of products for my darling pooches and now I bestow this on you and your loving pooches. 

Luxuriate in the Eau de Pooch experience and always remember to STAY GLAMOROUS.


Hannelie Laubscher

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